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Found another excellent blog of someone undergoing ECT. Besides writing about his or her experiences with ECT there are also posts on other topics as well such as depression, mental health rsources etc.

ECT lessons I’ve learned #4, write them down:

  • When I went through ECT the first time around, I wrote down my passwords to the various online accounts that I have on a sheet of paper. This advice came from the book Shock by Kitty Dukakis and Larry Tye. It’s a great safeguard measure, and it was probably good to have my memory refreshed about those passwords anyway.
  • Keep a record of what you did each day during your ECT series. I think my main reason why I was able to remember a lot of the events surrounding my ECT treatments is because I wrote stuff down. Even just writing down your mood may be helpful in tracking how you are doing.
  • If there’s something you’re supposed to remember (even if you remember at that moment), write it down.

Another blog written by ECT/Psychiatric RN: ECT Today, has only 2 posts but they are very good, one is a FAQ post, hope he or she will continu writing this excellent information.

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