New Search Engines

hulbee cloud

Came across new spectacular search engines also of benefit to scientists, med students and physicians. The most astonishing new search engine is Glearch Global search. It’s a meta search engine and as such it allows you to narrow your search by country and by language before running a metasearch that gives you results from Google, Yahoo, MSN, and local news sources. You can also select different resources such as Science and Technology, Government, Culture, Business, Tourism and Travel, Geography and History. After the search you’re presented the general results and you can switch to News results. Found this last tab very slick and useful and very up to date. Tried Michael Jackson and it delivered the latest news from 6 minutes ago.

Another search engine using Yahoo produces a cloud of related words: Hulbee. This cloud is something like an auto-generated tag searching. From ResearchBuzz about the cloud on the left of the search results:

as you move your mouse over a term, that term “lights up” — becomes highlighted — on the list of search results.
Click on a term in the cloud to add it to your search and the search results page will refresh along with a new cloud. I found this an interesting, if a little slow, way to narrow down my search results.

The cloud also incorporates “stop words” such as “javascipt” not very professional.
The front page also starts with a cloud of search words, looks like categories to me. There is also a Dutch version at

Hulbee’s front page actually starts out with a cloud of search words — everything from shopping to soccer to cars to loans with the bad credit offers. You can either click on a term here or use the regular search box at the top of the page.

Thanks ResearchBuzz