Computer Games at Work are Good For You

video game playing woman

I’ve told you that so now and than I am playing computer games. Not only at home but since I’ve installed some games on my IPhone I also play while waiting for patients, meetings etc. It relaxes me. Getting my mind of. That’s why a recent study got my attention. The study investigated the recreational use of video and computer games in the workplace. Also, don’t forget to maintain your computer and devices clean. Want to know what is the best computer vacuum cleaner? It helps you to save your computer peripherals from the malfunction that dirt, dust, crumbs or other kind of debris when accumulated in your devices, can cause. 

This study found that games have a positive influence on the recovery process by facilitating psychological detachment and relaxation. Games have a high cognitive demand, you have to concentrate while playing a game and it distracts from negative cognitions and ruminations. Games can provide relief from stress and can lead to feelings of relaxation. Increasing the game performance due to training and keeping track of your achievements in the game can increase the feeling of mastery and control.

Working activities can lead to feelings of tiredness and work related fatigue. Playing games can make someone recover from this lack of energy, making it a attractive recreational activity to fight work related fatigue and stress. Have to let my Boss know and let him read this publication.

Ten thousand German users of the online gaming portal GameDuell were invited via e-mail to participate in an online survey on the use of computer games during working hours….833 participants. The sample comprised 387 men (46.5%) and 446 women (53.5%). Their ages ranged from 16 to 66 years

From 833 participants 383 participants (46.6%) reported playing games during working hours: daily, 10.0%; several times a week, 15.5%; once a week, 7.0%; once per month, 3.6%; less than once per month, 10.6%. They associated substantial levels of recovery experience with playing computer games at work and make moderate use of computer games after stressful and exhausting situations.

Using a recovery experience questionnaire the researchers could proof that gameplay at work was associated with recovery experience. This doesn’t mean that there is a causal relationship just an association found with a questionnaire about the subject of research. The stronger the recovery experience by the individual the more often games are played in the office. Moreover, work related fatigue was related to recovery experience associated with game play.

Those receiving less social support from colleagues and supervisors at work, played games at work more frequently than did individuals with higher levels of social support. Participants who had more influence on the timing and sequence of their work were better able to choose a recovery activity that best fitted their recovery needs, such as playing computer games.

Gameplay at work can have positive effects on employees. You shouldn’t play games to long because otherwise you might get tired due to gaming instead of working since playing games costs a lot of concentration, what do you think?
Reinecke, L. (2009). Games at Work: The Recreational Use of Computer Games During Working Hours CyberPsychology & Behavior DOI: 10.1089/cpb.2009.0010