List of Tweeting Journals, Vote Please

Laika's MedLibLog

Laikas is a Clinical Librarian working in a University Hospital In The Netherlands. Besides writing an excellent blog: Laika’s MedLibLog she is also to be found on Twitter (@laikas). She has made a spreadsheet of medical journals on twitter, It is open to anybody to edit. You will need a gmail or google account to be able to read and edit the list.

This initiative has been a great success, so successful that the list has grown beyond medical journals as you can read about in here latest post: Lists of Tweeting Journals.

However, some of the journal titles I would not regard as biomedical. For instance purely (analytical) chemistry, physics, social sciences or history Journals. To me, Medical Biology is Medicine, Biology and disciplines on the interface (histology, anatomy, etc).

See has a poll were you can vote on how you would like to see this spreadsheet going. Different spreadsheets for different disciplines, a tabbed spreadsheet, or just as it is? Please vote for these important discesions, the choice is yours. You can vote here: List(s) of Tweeting Journals: Your Votes Please!