Neuroanthropology Wednesday Round Up


Neuroanthropology is back from vacation and treats us with another weekly round up.

Check out: How Long Is a Severed Head Conscious For? One of those morbid questions we often ask – well, here’s the answer based on the use of the guillotine, little creepy but nicely done

At least 8 links to posts about anthropology. I especially liked the link to an article in The New York Times: For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word: Statistics

At Harvard, Carrie Grimes majored in anthropology and archaeology and ventured to places like Honduras, where she studied Mayan settlement patterns by mapping where artifacts were found

She now works at google, interested, read why and how.

Also interesting was the post on how to use movies for education: I learned it at the movies .

These are just a few of a collection of links to excellent posts, just get over to this weekly round up of this week and have a look for yourself.