Grand Rounds Blog Carnival – Vol 5.47 Invisible Illness

back to school

The next grand round is up at Invisible Illness. The theme is Back to School. Also some news about the National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week, September 14-20. 2009.

This week the Grand Rounds Carnival takes a “look” (ironic choice of words) at invisible illness issues as well as the best of the medical bloggers who update us on everything from new medical gadgets to their personal experiences.

I especially liked:

Let Your Doctor – Not The Drug Company – Choose Your Medication.

Changing Mental Illness Stigma As It Exists In The Real World, with nice video.

Researchers Corrigan & O’Shaugnessy cite three main areas that need to be highlighted in order to reduce mental illness stigma. Protest, Education and Contact.

Invisible Chronic Illness: Addison’s Disease

As many of you know, I’ve the chronic illness Addison’s Disease. Not that I feel ill. It doesn’t affect me, really… Not anymore.. I think.

But many people with Addison’s disease suffer silently from this disease. And like many other diseases this disease is seldomly understood by partners, colleagues, friends ….. and doctors.