Brain Blogging, Forty-Seventh Edition

Brain Blogging

Welcome to the forty-seventh edition of Brain Blogging. In this round, we discuss whether science is in need of another cognitive revolution, how to reinforce our cognition, how reduced hippocampal neurogenesis correlates with depression, and other topics. Remember, we review the latest blogs related to the brain and mind that go beyond the basic sciences into a more human and multidimensional perspective

I especially liked:
Hypnosis Explained (Debunking The Myths) at The Emotion Machine.

I hope to take a short few minutes of your time to debunk some of these myths surrounding hypnosis and hopefully leave you with a clearer understanding of what this is phenomena is really all about.

Fearlessness on Scientific Living

ay it is dark outside. As you are walking along, you see the outline of what appears to be a snake. The mind shouts “It’s a snake!” As a result, you experience fear. You go home, light a lamp, and bring the lamp back to the area. Then you find that the snake was nothing but a piece of rope.