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Scientia Pro Publica

Welcome to the twelfth edition of scientia pro publica (science for the public) hosted here on Lab Rat. This is a blog carnival, designed to collect some of the most interesting posts on anything scientifically minded, written for people to understand and enjoy.

From the wide collection I especially liked

How does Ritalin work? on Neurotopia. It works like cocaine.

Sounds scary, right? Not quite so much. There are other factors with drugs than their mechanism that determine how they will make you feel.

Read on for the differences between cocaine and ritalin

Sperm Wars at Mauka to Makai

Biologically speaking, the goal of every male is to produce as many offspring as possible. To do this, males need to have some kick-ass sperm, but according to a recent study, too much kick-ass sperm can cause problems.

The Touch of the Phantom: When left is right and right is left at Greg Laden’s Blog

If you watch a fake hand standing in for your right hand, and it is touched with a brush while at the same time your left hand, hidden from view, is similarly touched, you feel your right hand being touched. This spooky finding is called “phantom touch”