Neuroanthropology Wednesday Round Up #82


The new weekly round up at Neuroanthropology is up, again an amazing collection of interesting science posts, have a look and take your own pick or read those I especially liked:

9/11 & Collective Memory at The Prism

Collective memory is clearly a social product, but individual memory also flows from social context.In this post September 11, 2001 and the recent posts after eight years are discussed

This post is overtly about the continuing politics that surround 9/11, and less about remembering or reflecting on the event. Still, I would argue that it is in fact about collective memory and how the event is characterized throughout the nation. Everyone has their take.

Has the blogosphere gone all MSM on us? well yeah duh on Neuron Culture

Has the blogosphere become more like the traditional media?

the blogosphere is becoming more tightly structured in the highest traffic areas, with increasing overlap between networks of favored people and relations in the blogosphere and in mainstream media.

Will ‘Rubi the Robot’ Be the Ultimate Teacher’s Aide? Machine Learning and the Transformation of Education at the Dana Foundation

Social robot designed to serve as a teacher’s assistant in classroom settings.