ECT Lessons


Told you earlier this year about an excellent blog of someone undergoing Maintenance ECT at the moment: Jumpstarting a life with a little sparkle to the head.

After the fourth lesson there is now a fifth ECT lesson: After ECT treatment continues:

I know that by the time we’re considering ECT, we are barely able to make it through the day, but I think it’s better to ask and know upfront what turns your life could take post-ECT rather than be surprised by something that’s already been documented that it might happen.

And even a sixth ECT lesson: Communication is key

If you experience any physical discomfort after ECT, such as a really bad headache or a sore throat/jaw pain, you should let your doctor know. S/he may be able to adjust your mouth guard or give you something for the pain.

The author also describes the maintenance treatments: ECT #21 (my sixth maintenance treatment….and the 200th post)