Google Apps Tricks

google apps

If your like me, having 5 e-mail accounts, a couple of websites, wikis, several calendars and address books it’s hard to keep everything in sync. Cloud computing or living in the Cloud has it’s benefits. Cloud Computing refers to Internet-centric software and services that are outsourced to someone else and in this case to Google. Everything is on the servers of google and you can access it from anywhere with a browser when connected to the Internet.

Advatages of cloud computing with Google:

  • it’s free or cheap, for 50 dollars a year you get support
  • back up
  • up time of 99%
  • platform and browser agnostic
  • constant improvements
  • someone els is responsible for the hardware
  • reliability
  • you can share your information.

Google wave hasn’t replaced this for me yet. If you need some guidance on setting up the free Google Apps Standard Edition to get Gmail, GTalk, GCal, and GDocs running behind it have a look at my review of this book Google Apps Deciphered.

When your up and ready learn some more tricks in setting up Google Apps on Lifehacker by Gina Trapani and have a nice and productive life. Especially liked create a Catch-all e-mail adress

By the way if anyone has suggestions for using Google Wave to get things done please let me know in the comments. Things like blogging, productivity etc. I know you can use google wave for collaboration in a workgroup as you can with google apps. You can set up Google Apps and plan to set up a workgroup behind that domain. But with google apps you can do much more, no?