Rivalry for Google Wave: PBWorks

Enterprise 2.0 Booth Video from PBworks on Vimeo.

I have a wiki up at PBWorks. I mostly use it as an eportfolio, a ‘living document’, it is a kind of curriculum vitae getting updated when necessary. I would be really pleased to get feedback about the construction of this ePortfolio.

I also use it to exchange large files or a place for those attending lectures, courses etc to download the slides and papers. Developments are going fast. It’s now a serious rival for Google Wave, don’t believe me have a look at the video above.

We made this video for Enterprise 2.0 to display the key features of our recent releases — Project edition, social release features and the upcoming real time chat, live editing and voice conferencing features.

Fast forward to 1:44 to see the new real-time collaboration features in action or watch the entire video to catch up on features you may have missed.