Twitter Lists of Health and Science

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Two of my favorite blog colleagues wrote posts about twitter lists. Not the new feature of twitter to make your own lists and exchange them but a collection of medical and other scientific journals on twitter and a list of scientists on twitter.

These lists are an excellent starting point if your interested in following some of them scientists or journals in your field on twitter.

The alphabetical twitter lists of scientists on twitter was included with biographical data and photos by Justin Reid and analyzed by 2020science to show how all those science types were interconnected. This resulted in a long list of scientists on twitter to be seen and read and selected for following on Listorious: Scientwist, curated by David Bradley.

The other collections were made by Laikas: Medical and other Scientific Journals. She started a google spreadsheet to be completed by all those interested in collecting bio-medical journals on twitter. Based on a poll she created 3 Twitter Journal List. You can subscribe to these lists and stay tuned. She made a completely overlapping set, where the Medical journal set is part of the Biomedical journal set, which belongs to the All/Science set. You can still adjust the spreadsheet with new journals in this field

You can follow each list on twitter, read her original post.