Why Red Wine Fights Heart Disease and Cancer

Theres little debate that drinking moderate amounts of red wine can help the fight against heart disease, Alzheimers disease and some cancers, especially in women. The key to how much your body benefits though, is in your genes.

red wine may have health benefits
The ancient Egyptians and Greeks considered wine to be “good for health” and used it as a form of medicine. But researchers question whether this belief holds true.

What researchers have found is this: The skin and seeds of grapes may have healthy properties. A big part of this power comes from the antioxidant resveratrol. This natural plant chemical protects your cells from damage that could lead to cancer.

Red wine is full of resveratrol because it’s made from grapes. But researchers are still trying to confirm whether the resveratrol in red wine actually reduces cancer risk But if you have cancer try doing different things than drinking alcohol as this is not recommended with the therapy, Here are some things to avoid during radiation therapy.

The serving sizes for alcoholic beverages for men and women are different because women have less water in their bodies to dilute the effects of alcohol. As a result, the alcohol stays in a woman’s body longer than a man’s. And the longer large amounts of alcohol stay in your body, the higher your risk for brain and organ damage, high blood pressure and stroke .

But don’t forget, just a little bit of wine, alcohol drinking can also get out of control in some, this is also partly in your genes.

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