Ommwriter: Writing Reinvented

Ommwriter from Herraiz Soto on Vimeo.

A new minimalistic full screen text writer: Ommwriter. Simple, adaptable (fonts, font size, keyboard sounds, background, sounds although a bit new age, and size) and a pleasure to use. Besides only available for Mac. Until now used Scrivener but this one is cool. You’ll have to register to download it.

We also love writing. We love writing for the simple pleasure of, well, writing. Besides, writing is a beautiful way to chase great ideas. As mere mortals, we also face the usual challenges of daily life: a multitude of windows open on our computer desktops, messages, emails, calls, meetings, and those crazy thoughts that pass through our minds. Ommwriter emerged as an internal tool to help transport us away from the humdrum noise; allowing us to be at one with ourselves and our ideas. All said and done, after having created something so valuable, we figured that Ommwriter was just too good to keep to ourselves.

Not convinced yet, see the video above and read their FAQ

The writer of the original and excellent review is a Dutch journalist: Niels Gouman, he has a nice website, although some disagree with me about his website. I think the design is very clear and functional, what do you think?