Favorite Posts on Dr Shock in 2009

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Again in 2009 the most popular post on Dr Shock was Sex, Video Games and the Brain, probably due to the title. Than why use sex in your title? Because this was about the biological difference between men and women instead of other possible differences such as roles. The term about all possible differences besides the biological part is gender.

One of my own favorites scored second: The Neurobiology of Falling in Love . Two other posts I liked around this subject are not in the top ten favorite posts of this blog: The Neurbiology of Love and Love is Great for Creativity, Sex for Analytical Thinking.

Let’s get on with the list. Chocolate Craving was also a hit last year on Google Analytics. It came in third on the top ten of 2009. Sex, Chocolate and the Brain or Why Women Prefer Chocolate is the next, a mixture of sex as in biological difference between men and women and chocolate.

The About page on this blog ended up between these two posts. Did some improvements on it although not satisfied yet, so any suggestions are welcome. Did put a few lines in about postings and request. In short, I don’t use guest writers, I do get a lot of mail from writers asking me to allow them to write a guest post but this blog is for fun and education (of mostly myself) and I will keep it that way. Also questions about treatments or advice around treatments aren’t answered by me. I think answering these questions will do a lot of people short. Good advice in psychiatry needs a face to face contact to my opinion.

Besides chocolate another hobby of mine scored well on the list. Video games or Computer Games at Work are Good For You scored high on the list. The other posts in this list are mainly about the neurobiology or neuroscience of everyday life. In the next year you’ll be reading more on this subject as well as about chocolate and video games, so stay tuned subscribe by email of RSS feed.

Well that’s for the end of year lists, you can see the other titles on the picture above and most important have a good health and happiness in the coming year, take care, Dr Shock