Mind Mapping Illness

depression mind map medmap

Often I explain to my residents and medical students that in the end they will arrive at the same diagnosis as I do, it only takes them somewhat more time. Medical education is mainly about seeing many patients and recognizing illness patterns. Experts have seen many patients and developed illness scripts, a kind of algorithm. Expert physicians are constantly moving through a series of learning cycles throughout their career.

From Medical Education, a great blog

You can assist learners in a clinical setting to develop their own patterns by asking them to graph common illnesses as they progress through their training. These graphs can be kept in a binder and added to as the learner increases their knowledge. The final graph will be useful for studying for final exams. Both text-based and visual representations are acceptable depending on the student’s personal learning preference. To see a list of online tools.

As an example above this post is one script for depression, on Medmaps you can find many more. Even on psychiatry. Helpfull in medical education what do you think? Going to try it with anxiety disorders, but more for the differential diagnosis next month.