Web Mashups The New Buzz?


Tumbled upon a new term of which I had never heard before. It’s web mashup. It’s the newest most recent Web technology and is growing fast.

a mashup is a web page or application that combines data or functionality from two or more external sources to create a new service. The term mashup implies easy, fast integration, frequently using open APIs and data sources to produce results that were not the original reason for producing the raw source data. An example of a mashup is the use of cartographic data to add location information to real estate data, thereby creating a new and distinct web API that was not originally provided by either source.

There’s even a website on how to make your own mashupand on Engadget there’s a HOW-TO: Make your own annotated multimedia Google map, published in 2005, so I must be slow or have been sleeping.

If your more interested in the scientific approach a recent literature review was published and freely available online: Mashups: A Literature Review and Classification Framework (abstract)

For more examples see the Mashup Awards of 2009.