What To Do With Business Cards in this Digital Era?

Business cards are still around, I get them often, they’re nice and they do have advantages as can be read on geek!daily: they’re customizable, trivial to distribute, and cards are static. Digital alternatives like Poken and My Name is E don’t seem to have enough success, only nerds and geeks not your average academic or business man has any of them. There are alsoother ways to use the internet to create, share and use your business card, but again not in much use by doctors, scientists and academics.

I often ask myself how to get a grip on these business cards of which the social calling cards like moo cards were a recent hit. Several different options exist for digitalizing your paper business cards or social calling cards:

  • You can get a business card scanner. They are small usb scanners and the accompanying software can be used to also grab the contact information in an email signature, web page or other text file and put it in the software which transforms it to Outlook or other address book applications
  • You can mail, upload and email your business cards to CloudContacts. After they receive your business cards, they turn them into contacts you can view online and export in a variety of formats. You have to buy credits, 100 for 29,95 dollars. Each business card conversion is one credit.
  • Use Evernote. You can snap a photo with your iphone of a business card, tag it and and have an easy way to store and access contacts in Evernote. You can see it in the video below
  • You can also make pictures of the business cards and upload them to flickr and tag them

Recently I started using evernote with iphone for digitalizing paper business cards but I am thinking about getting a card scanner because the photo’s don’t work that well and I don’t want a case for my iphone. Do you know any alternatives? Any suggestions or advice? I also found another way to improve businesses at least in the mailing part, and is using the best shipping labels amazon.

By the way, did you know you can use your twitter account for digital business card with TwtBizCard