Health Talk Online

Health Talk Online

Healthtalkonline is a website with a lot of information from the point of view of the patient on a lot of diseases. Both mental and physical health. I tried their information on depression. They interviewed 38 people about their experiences of this condition. This resulted in a whole list of topics. Stories about discovery of depression, how to negotiate with the health system (doctors included), self care, support, and living with depression and discovery. Awesome information for patients and their relatives. The information is presented very clearly mostly with video interviews of patients. Saw an interview on video of a women who

Wanted her GP (who was also a friend) to notice her problem, but was worried that if she told him how she was feeling he might judge her badly.

Many more videos to see about this and other topics. An enormous database of very valuable information for patients with all kind of ailments and diseases.

The information on Healthtalkonline is based on qualitative research into patient experiences, led by experts at the University of Oxford. These personal stories of health and illness will enable patients, families and healthcare professionals to benefit from the experiences of others.

There’s also a similar website for younger patients, adolescents, called