The Risks of Online Social Networking for Students

The younger generation especially students use social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace a lot. The use of these sites also has their dangers and problems as mostly described in newspapers and magazines.

Newspapers and magazines related to higher education are replete with cases of college students who experienced negative repercussions from questionable activities that were made public online

Questionable activities such as racially insensitive remarks, alcohol and dug violations, illegally storming a football field. Repercussions such as expelled from class, called before the dean of students.

But how do we help students to find the balance between free speech and responsibility, how can we educate them about this, prevent the possible negative effect of social networking on their future career?

  • Schools should take appropriate steps to educate students about these matters.
  • Research is needed on professional students’ usage and attitudes toward online social networking sites.
  • Monitoring and usage of these sites by institutions venture into legal grey areas
  • Should material found on student social networking sites should be used in colleges admissions decisions and/or matters of a disciplinary nature?

What do you think?
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