Tickler File System

This is my tickler file in a box, a very efficient way to keep organized with Getting Things Done. A Tickler File consists of a series of 43 file folders: 12 monthly and 31 daily folders. Items are filed in a folder corresponding to when the item will need to be handled, thus reminding or “tickling” the user about it. These items might be action reminders, agendas, bills, receipts, reports, letters, or any number of other things.

31 daily files are labeled “1” through “31” and twelve monthly files are labeled with the months of the year. The daily files are in the front, beginning with the files for tomorrow’s date (if today is October 5, then the first file would be “6”). The succeeding daily files would represent the days of the rest of the month (“6” through “31”). Behind the “31” file would be the monthly file for the next month (“November”), and behind it would be the daily files “1” though “5”. Behind that would be the rest of the monthly files (“December” through “October”). This means that the next 31 days (October 6 through November 5) are represented in the front of the file; and behind that are files for the next twelve months. The next daily file is emptied into the in-basket every day, and then re-filed at the back of the dailies (now instead of October 6, it represents November 6).

I mostly use it for agendas and notes. More on the Tickler File method in detail.