Films about psychiatric and psychological symptoms

Histrionic Personality Disorder – Symptom Media from Symptom Media on Vimeo.

This video highlights the major symptoms of Histrionic Personality Disorder. Symptoms of Histrionic Personality Disorder may include: Acting or looking overly seductive, being easily influenced by other people, being overly concerned with one’s looks, being overly dramatic and emotional, being overly sensitive to criticism or disapproval, believing that relationships are more intimate than they actually are, blaming failure or disappointment on others, seeking constant reassurance or approval, having a low tolerance for frustration or delayed gratification, needing to be the center of attention (self centeredness), and quickly changing emotions which may seem shallow to others.

This is an abbreviated sample of the film witch has a duration of approximately 10 minutes. This is made by symptommedia, it’s one of many instructive video’s about psychiatric and psychological symptoms. These professionally acted and produced films are designed as oversimplified videos to be used as building blocks for students to learn psychiatric and psychological phenomena. Their films are intended to promote discussion and critical thinking and help reducing the stigma of mental illness.

They have made available 7 abbreviated samples of other instructive films about panic disorder, PTSD, anxiety disorder to name a few. You can watch or embed them from their sample page.