Neuroanthropology Wednesday Round Up #115

At last, another round up is posted on neuroanthropology. Apparently, the author is now safely esconsed in Tampa, and getting started at the University of South Florida.

And now below – some favs, mind, misc, anthro, video games, and addiction. Doing some of my consistent interests this time round. Plus a new surprise at the end. Enjoy!

I especially enjoyed

  • Daphne Merkin, My Life in Therapy. In this NY Times Magazine essay, Merkin describes her encounters with therapy over 40 years of treatment, and reflects on what makes therapy tick and why she continues to go. This is a follow-up piece to her earlier essay, A Journey through Darkness, a haunting account of her life-long struggles with depression
  • Jonah Lehrer, The Personality Paradox. Latest research – genes don’t predict personality. So, are the genes wrong, or the construct of personality wrong? The Neurocritic adds depth on the study itself
  • Sarah Sweeney, What They’re Reading
    Harvard professors share what they are reading over the summer. There are even some beach books!
  • Scicurious, Über Coca, by Sigmund Freud. The story of Freud’s experimentation with cocaine – his original paper sounds quite neuroanthropological from me, going from cross-cultural work to consideration of personal experience to pharmacological properties

But check for yourself, to many links to hard to choose from