Wall Street Stop

Marvelous exhibition with unique photos. Want to visit, here it is: Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam. Wall Street Stop

When the financial crisis of 2009 was at its peak, Reinier Gerritsen photographed people in the subway between Wall Street and Grand Central Station, New York. We see masses of introvert subway travellers in unposed group portraits. They reflect the collective feelings of a world in shock, not understanding that things have reached the stage where the global financial system has collapsed.

Gerritsen assembles his photos from a number of shots that he takes within a few seconds. He is able to realize pictures of a striking clarity and strength. He expressly presents his documentary series as a construction, and thereby places his work in the centre of the discussion on the importance of the documentary anno 2010. In his subject choice he consciously places himself within the tradition of documentary photography by retracing the footsteps of Bruce Davidson (1980’s) and Walker Evans ( 1930’s) and their fascination of everyday life in the big city.