Scientia Pro Publica #38

Despite it being summer holidays there were a lot of submission for the latest Scientia Blog Carnival: Scientia Pro Publica. So let’s start.

If you want to know more about the dance of bees, the waggle dance (yes it really exists) have fun over at More than Honey, The Making of a Bee Documentary and it’s post Out with the Radar Bees. It has all the ins and outs on he famous „dance-language“ of the honeybees.

Quantum Mechanics something very complicated or a conspiracy of instrumentalists? The Truth Re-Revealed at This Scientific Life.

As human beings, believe it or not, we’ve a lot of microorganisms living on and in us. Their is a name for those studying these microorganisms, they study human microbiome. A recent publication about the difference between bacteria living in western kids compared to kids with a complete other diet living in Burkina Fasso showed that the two populations had very different compositions of bacteria. But is this sound evidence or did they mess up the statistics? The answer is in Some Thoughts About the Statistics of the Human Microbiome by Mike the Mad Biologist.

Influenza or not influenza, a case report of 2000 years ago in Biblical time, substantiated with bible text was published in Virology Journal and critically commented on This Scientific Life. The article has been retracted. Read the comments on this post The Virology of Christ.

Air conditioner on solar power as quiet as nature itself, you can watch and (not) hear it on the video at Heat Pumps, Furnaces and Air Conditioning. More on Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

There has been written a lot about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico after the destruction of the Deepwater Horizon but what about green project management? How Green Project Management could assist in incorporating environmental thinking in any project at

Does this horrible catastrophe teach us something positive? The 5 biggest lessons learned from the Gulf oil spill.

Are scientists caught up in an ivory tower of academia and thus have difficulties relating to the lowly, common woman and man? No they use complex grammatical structures to express complicated ideas in as few words as possible.

This specialized way of communicating impedes the dissemination of science to students and the average Janes and Joes. So what to do?

Read it at The Ivory Tower of Academia

Faster than light travel of Einstein revisited, read about quantum mechanics and the speed of things at Cosmodynamics.

The whereabouts of the Pectoral Sandpipers with a lot of photos on 10000birds. Lovely shorebird.

Eric Michael Johnson presents The scientist and the Anarchist – Part I posted at Cocktail Party Physics. The second part The Scientist and the Anarchist – Part II is posted at Skulls in the Stars. Third part here. Eric Michael Johnson, proprietor of the excellent Primate Diaries blog, is one of the authors who left the SEED Science Blogs in the wake of PepsiGate. While he’s casting about for a new home, he hit upon a novel idea: a Primate Diaries in Exile blog tour! That’s why these three submissions written by the same author are published on three different blogs. Another guest post is on a different topic: menopause and the grandmother hypothesis. This last one is the one I like best.

How to get as much as possible whales washed up on a beach in New Zealand back into the ocean? On Just 4 The Planer

The cost scientific conduct?. According to this blogpost by Michael Scott Long Direct Yearly Cost of Scientific Misconduct in the United States May Exceed $100 Million USD.

That’s it folks hope you enjoyed it.