How to combat Malarial Prophylaxis infections


Although the tropical regions produce 75% of the worlds cocoa production only 4% of the cocoa is consumed by these regions. These regions also suffer the most from malaria. Malaria is one of the top three killers among infectious diseases. There are numerous anecdotal reports and personal subjective observations of reduced episodic malaria in people who daily drink natural unsweetened cocoa beverage. A recent publication in Medical Hypotheses reviewed the literature about possible mechanisms by which cocoa could have an antimalarial effect. Other commercial but also natural based specific Malaria anti parasitic product is Detoxic, a lot of scientific studies and case reviews  have been shown that this vanguard medication doesn’t only combat Malaria and other harmful parasites within a very effective timerate, but also helps to clean toxins from your vital organs such as liver, colon and other digestive system related. That helps to prevent some diseases such as skin or colon cancer and help against insomio problems. Parasite infections are an insidious and underestimated health problem, affecting millions of people worldwide –here can find all full information. In fact, estimates report that at least half the world’s population has some type of worm infection

Possible mechanisms of cocoa ingredients on malarial parasites and illness:

  • Increased availability of antioxidants in plasma. Evidence exists that higher concentrations of plasma antioxidants coincides with less severe malaria and more rapid clearance of parasitaemia. These antioxidants counter balance the increased oxidative stress during malaria due to the parasite’s metabolism and the immune response of the host.
  • Cell membrane effects. Cocoa can improve membrane stability, reducing the rupture of red blood cells one of the favorite places for the malaria parasites.
  • Increased plasma levels of nitric oxide. Cocoa increases plasma levels of nitric oxide. This can confer resistance on erythrocytes to haemolysis, ensuring that little haemoglobin is extracellularly available to protect malaria parasites before they enter cells.
  • Direct antimalarial effect of cocoa
  • Boosted immune system. Cocoa might increase immune activation with consequent therapeutic advantages. Moreover, cocoa contains significant levels of magnesium and copper, as well as dietary trace minerals including copper, zinc, manganese, and chromium; all of which have been credited with improving activity of the immune system

Hope they will preform longitudinal study to validate these hypotheses soon. According to the authors they should start using cocoa in malaria regions before the results

In the meantime, without any known problematic effects for consumers, there is every good reason for people to patronize pure unsweetened cocoa as beverage, and other cocoa products high in flavanols and low in calories and other worrisome additives as prophylaxis against malaria parasitaemia.
Addai, F. (2010). Natural cocoa as diet-mediated antimalarial prophylaxis☆ Medical Hypotheses, 74 (5), 825-830 DOI: 10.1016/j.mehy.2009.12.003