Our natural sleep cycle

A short talk about our inner clock. To short for some of the commenter’s, but you can easily find more information on sleep and your inner clock

In today’s world, balancing school, work, kids and more, most of us can only hope for the recommended eight hours of sleep. Examining the science behind our body’s internal clock, Jessa Gamble reveals the surprising and substantial program of rest we should be observing.

You can ask your partner to listen for breathing sounds when you sleep and try to figure out your breathing patterns during an afternoon nap. You can also consult an ent surgeon and tell them your suspicions. They will take it from there, checking your nose and throat.

What are the causes of mouth breathing?

Mouth breathing is most often caused by a complete or partial obstruction in the nasal airway. This means there is something in your nose blocking the air from getting through, and your body is not getting enough oxygen that way.

This something could be congestion from an allergy or an infection, or even enlarged tonsils or adenoids, nasal polyps, or you may have a deviated septum.

It’s amazing how your inner clock works. In fact, as with dreams, there are things we still don’t know and discoveries are still being made. Some people think your inner clock is set, others that it can be modified.

One thing’s for sure, it is important to sleep well and get enough rest, or else your body could be affected, inner clock included. It is one of the reasons people that don’t sleep well will have a hard time sleeping at night even though they are tired; so its important to obtain a good pillow and the spinaleze pillow for sale is one of the best options for improving the quality of your sleep,  because sometimes their inner clock has been affected by the lack of sleep.

Sometimes people fail to realize that things that they did not consider factors are actually affecting them the most. It’s not always about severity, but rate of exposure. Take your mattress for example. Is it old? Is it just ok? It might be news to some, but just ok is not good enough if you sleep in that mattress, or try to, nearly every night. Try to feel the difference by getting a top rated hybrid mattress, and you’ll be able to prove this yourself.

It is unfortunate that things like these are not common knowledge when they can be so harmful, not to mention relatively easy to avoid.