Why do you Blog?

Why does someone write a personal blog and not simply use the Internet for taking in media content? Personal blogs are composed of shorter posts concerning the blogger’s life in contrast to filter blog. Filter blogs are devoted to external information, such as politics or news and are far better researched than personal blogs.

From recent research the following motives in order of importance were discovered for personal blogging:

  • motivate, help, and encourage others by sharing information, as well as to communicate their knowledge and skills
  • to share information with and communicate with friends and family members with whom they may not talk on a regular basis. Participants who blogged for this motive also maintained blogs to send messages to many people at once, rather than one at a time
  • to pass time, to occupy time
  • some people blog for attention, to gain fame, and because they think people like to read things about them
  • blogging to record thoughts and feelings for further reflection, to organize thoughts and feelings, and to read what was written in previous posts
  • out of professionalism, to help get a job, to put their resume on the Web, and because they were required to for a job or school
  • feedback, to get advice and more points of view from others, as well as to get feedback from others who have had similar experiences.

What’s your reason for blogging? Mine is mostly the first motive of this is list.

Hollenbaugh, E. (2010). Motives for Maintaining Personal Journal Blogs Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking DOI: 10.1089/cyber.2009.0403