My Favorite Autumn Songs

I love autumn but only with sunshine and crisp weather. Lately been looking for autumn songs, not just autumn in the title but also in the atmosphere or lyrics with that melancholic tune or melody, so characteristic for this nice season with truffles, game and dark red wine not to say dark chocolate as well.

Here are a few:

The classical Autumn Leaves by Nat King Cole

“Autumn Leaves” is a much-recorded popular song. Originally it was a 1945 French song “Les feuilles mortes” (literally “The Dead Leaves”) with music by Joseph Kosma and lyrics by poet Jacques Prévert. Yves Montand (with Irène Joachim) introduced “Les feuilles mortes” in 1946 in the film Les Portes de la Nuit. The film Autumn Leaves (1956) starring Joan Crawford featured the song, as sung by Nat King Cole over the title sequence.

Numerous covers were made of this song.

A more recent excellent song ‘t is autumn by Stacey Kent, here sung by Betty Boop, here is a video with an interview with Stacey Kent.

The Mamas and the Papas – ‘California Dreamin”. Nice example of not having autumn in the title but painting musically the atmosphere of autumn. This video is with the original band in the seventies. Here is another one with better video and sound quality

All the leaves are brown And the sky is grey….

The Kinks – ‘Autumn Almanac’, more funny as should be with the Kinks.

From the disco and funk in the eighties Earth Wind and Fire with a live performance of September.

In classical music probably Vivialdi’s four seasons is the most well known, here is his autumn part: Vivaldi, Four Seasons, Autumn.

My favorite jazz artists besides Bill Evans, the most influential jazz pianist, are Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong with autumn in New York

Another favorite musician: Neil Young with Harvest Moon, an old but very good video from back in the seventies in the previous century.

These are just a couple of my favorites, hope you liked them, you probably know other music about autumn.