10 Myths About Leadership

Last year I had the pleasure of temporarily leading our psychiatry department. It was a difficult but in the end rewarding job. That’s probably why a recent publication in Healthcare Executive drew my attention: The 10 most common myths about leadership.

  • Leadership and management are the same dynamic.Leadership is more about vision, culture and values within an organization. Management is about executing plans, details and GTD.
  • Having a big title (CEO, CFO, VP) makes you a leader. Titles only help you getting things done but there is no relationship between titles and leadership.
  • Leaders can motivate others. Your task as a leader is to create an atmosphere in which your employees get motivated.
  • Leadership is easier than management. Leading can be very complicated and hard work
  • Leadership is a function of academic success. This can be a pitfall. Academic achievements don’t always make you a good leader.
  • Leadership is about being liked. Being a leader goes with making unpopular decisions
  • Leadership means you have a lot of friends. Leadership is lonely
  • Leadership is about the “soft stuff.” Leadership is about dealing with people and making decisions
  • Leadership is about the tangibles—i.e., metrics and making money.
  • Everyone can be a leader.

Be sure to read the whole article if this has evoked some interest. The myths are commented on by healthcare leaders who share their thoughts. Do you miss any myths?

Birk S (2010). The 10 most common myths about leadership. Healthcare executive, 25 (6) PMID: 21229904