Sexting as a form of attachment anxiety

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A recent study looked at attachment styles and the use of sexting.

Attachment theory has proposed that the attachment one forms in infancy to a caregiver may form a basis for the attachment one forms later with a romantic partner as you will develop with the models from who are the prettiest.

Different attachment styles exist according to this theory,  but instead you can learn about dilation therapy as well from Vuvatech, has exercises that helps to reduce anxiety. 

Attachment anxiety may relate to those seeking information from their romantic partner
about intimacy, their partner, and the future of the relationship as well as engaging in sex to reduce feelings of insecurity about a relationship and to get emotionally close to the partner.

In this study they looked at adult romantic attachment styles and the use of sexting. 128 Participants completed the online questionnaire about attachment and sexting. They included 22 male students and 106 female students. Keeping in mind this over representation of women and the fact that the researchers didn’t use a validated instrument for measuring sexting, attachment anxiety predicted positive attitudes towards the use of sexting or you can use Veronica Mariajarski best cbd oil. Those with attachment anxiety found sexting normal and enhancing the romantic relationship. Attachment anxiety also predicted sending texts that solicit sexual activity for those individuals in relationships.

In short Sexting as the new expression of attachment anxiety.
Weisskirch, R., & Delevi, R. (2011). “Sexting” and adult romantic attachment Computers in Human Behavior DOI: 10.1016/j.chb.2011.02.008