Social Media Use By US Hospitals

From a structured review of websites of 1800 US hospitals focusing on their Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts:

  • 21% used social media
  • More likely to be large, urban hospitals run by nonprofit, nongovernment organisations
  • More likely to participate in graduate medical education
  • Used social media to target a general audience (97%)
  • Provide content about the entire organization (93%)
  • Announce news and events (91%)
  • Further public relations (89%)
  • Promote health (90%).

In short, used social media for unidirectional communication.
Thaker SI, Nowacki AS, Mehta NB, & Edwards AR (2011). How U.S. hospitals use social media. Annals of internal medicine, 154 (10), 707-8 PMID: 21576547