Reprise Bullet Points in Medical Education

It’s not often an author of a publication discussed on this blogs delivers a comment. You can also read the comment in this recent blog post here: Beyond Bullet Points in Medical Education.

As mentioned in my blog post it’s probably not only the design of the slides but mostly the educational instructions such as building on the knowledge the students already have and encourage the students to prepare for the lecture. This will enable the lecture to focus more on new things they should learn. All these arguments are all more or less good educational practice. Moreover, from my own experience designing and making slides without a lot of bullet points (text) often leads to more educational slides. In order not to get bored myself by the slides and content of the lecture, reinventing the content and preparing useful slides does improve the learning experience for medical students.

As the first author wrote as a comment

I wanted to emphasis that what makes the design work is not the asthetics of the design but more importantly the marriage between the cognitive load theory (minimize audio-visual load imposed by the slide design) and the integration of new knowledge with the old, brought about through two separate processes; for one the lecturer researched and then built apon what students knew already through their curriculum; and secondly, students were encouraged to prepare before comming into the lecture. by off loading numerous bullets of slides we are allowing students to have the time to assimilate what is new with what they already know. I hope that may have shedd some light on our study.

Thank you.