New Kid on the Block: Pre Med Hell

Recently discovered a new nice blog: Pre-Med Hell. It started in January 2010. One of their first posts was Must Read Books for Pre-Med Students, which was my first acquitance with this blog. Liked their suggestions, more original than The House of God although this book also got a favorable review on this blog. Even bought one of their suggestions: How Doctors Think. Go and have a look at their reviews of books and other posts for pre-med students. If you have some more suggestions for must reads for med students or residents especially psychiatric residents, please let me know in the comments and yes, Mount Misery is already on my list.

Pre Med Hell is a blog run entirely by undergraduate students, the goal of this blog is to provide tips, that have helped other students throught he same process, and also to place a satirical spin on the traditional pre-med lifestyle….We will introduce you to new technologies that will make your life as a pre-med easier. We will interview medical school students, doctors, and other people you may be interested in hearing about. There will be tips on surviving orgo, biochem, phyics, and what have you.