Lesson to be learned from rugby players

From the “Best of Medical Blogs – weekly review and blog carnival” by Dr Ves, stumbled upon a very interesting post by Dr. Ronan Kavanagh, rheumatologist from Ireland. In short: for engaging with patients, physicians should try playfulness, humility, politeness, and humour. Will make doctors more human, likeable and accessible. Just like these rugby players in this video.

It shows three icons of Irish rugby (Paul O’Connell, Brian O’Driscoll and Jonathan Sexton) asking house owners permission to play, and for volunteers to join them in a game of tip-rugby on the grassy area in front of their homes.

The ad spot was created to evoke the close bond between Irish Rugby players and their supporters at a time when the Irish team were heading off to the Rugby World cup in far away New Zealand.

Despite their speed, power and sporting reputations, these men demonstrate a childlike playfulness, humility, politeness, and humour which makes them instantly more human, likeable and accessible.

Enjoy, I certainly did.