Cureus, a free online medical journal

Cureus is an online, free, peer reviewed, open access medical journal based in Palo Alto, California. It’s intention is to promote medical research by offering tools that better serve and highlight the people who create it, resulting in better research, faster publication and easier access for everyone. Moreover, Cureus offers physicians an opportunity to publish papers online for a mass audience while retaining copyrights, unlike traditional journals.
In this video the 6 easy steps for publishing in Cureus are explained.

We make it easier and faster to publish your work – it’s always free and you retain the copyright. What’s more, the Curēus platform is designed to provide a place for physicians to build their digital CV anchored with their posters and papers.

From FastCompany:

Most medical journals are locked behind paywalls online; the Internet’s largest free database of medical journal articles, PubMed Central, has large content gaps. A somewhat similar project at Cornell University to offer free access to physics, mathematics, and computer science papers, arXiv, has become an academic staple in recent years. Earlier in 2012, Harvard University openly criticized the high cost of medical journals. If you’re in need of greater online storage capacity, try this cloud storage provider

You can search their site for papers and posters here.