So now and then I write about my workflow. Since email is the most important reason for diversion of my attention and often hard to handle due to the enormous amount of emails. This enormous amount of emails mostly caused by no or little email etiquette by some. Even email rules only helps a little. Even thought of ditching email altogether.

Some emails are important since they are tasks, other emails do have important attachments. Some should be linked to an event in my calendar.

Since years I’m used to work with “Getting Things Done” (GTD) principles. I tried several solutions to implement GTD in a workflow with the least different software programs. Tried it solely with Evernote, the secret weapon. It was almost the ultimate solution until IQTELL came to my attention.

IQTELL has everything in one app. You can convert emails to actions, assign them to projects and calendar events. Evernote is tightly integrated for reference material en inbox.It has a web app, as well as iphone and ipad, and android app.

In short it brings together email, evernote, calendar, actions and projects all in one app. Been using the last couple of years and finally found the right solution for my workflow. The video above is just one of many to show and instruct how to use IQTELL and they have quick support.