Digital Detox from social media

digital detox

Read an interesting article in the NYT: A Trip to Camp to Break a Tech Addiction. It’s about an an adults-only summer camp.It was organized by Digital Detox, an Oakland-based group dedicated to teaching technology-addled (or technology-addicted) people to “disconnect to reconnect”, but for those of you who rely on social media to live, then buy a YouTube subscriber army.

The rules of the camp are very simple:

  • no phones, computers, tablets or watches
  • no work talk
  • no discussion of people’s ages
  • no use of real names.
  • Is it worth while?

    But Camp Grounded, Digital Detox’s biggest event thus far, was designed less to be a spiritual journey than a whimsical return to childhood. Campers, who spent $300 for the weekend, were sent maps, instructions and a suggested packing list designed with a self-consciously retro style that wouldn’t be out of place in a Wes Anderson film.

    Reminded me of the sixties:

    a rigid culture, unable to contain the demands for greater individual freedom, broke free of the social constraints of the previous age

    Social media and digital revolution won’t go away, just needs adjusting and for those who can’t work it out these camps seem to be a solution, what do you think?