Twitter means business

twitter means business

The essence of this book comes down to the four uses of twitter:

  • Listening. You can get a twitter account and just follow others and listen and watch, you don’t have to tweet a thing. You can search for your interests or products with several search engines for twitter such as Twitter Search and Tweet Scan. From the book just one example: dell once overlooked a top blogger’s complaints about its laptop and soon was associated with the buzzphrase Dell Hell. The problem with listening is who to listen to? How to filter all the information form your followers and who to follow?. That is the most important question when using twitter for a while. Dr Shock uses tweetdeck and grouping those he follows. He has a group of known bloggers, Dutch group and the all group with all those he his following. He keeps an eye on followers and with enough interest the follower gets promoted to one of the groups.
  • Speaking. Speaks for itself. Have a great website, blog or product? Spread the word in 140 characters.
  • Engaging. Have conversations with your followers, get involved in discussions on twitter. Don’t know how to talk on twitter? to my opinion it is not very different from responding to blog comments. Check out Rules of Engagement for blogging from the US Air Force.
  • Evolving. You can use twitter to communicate with your co-workers or promising talents, make twitter work for you.

The rest of the book is full of examples of businesses and how they use twitter for the purposes mentioned above. Mostly this is presented as twitter conversations. One of the conversations is 16 of 130 pages long. About 40 pages is on examples of these companies using twitter. Also the obligatory chapter about Twitter tips and tricks is present in the book.

Nothing here that you won’t find online. Online information about twitter is far better and more up to date, try TwiTip

You can follow Dr Shock on twitter. For other suggestions of doctors, patients or medical students to follow on twitter please see The MedicalStudent Blog for an extensive list.

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