Prezi A New Way Of Presenting

If you have to present a conference room presentation but people expect a slideshow or you just don’t want to loose the beamer and the feel of presenting, you can use Prezi. Conference room presentation is a presentation for small groups like presenting a study design, case presentation, results from a study but also if you want to persuade, sell to, or change behavior of a smaller group you will need a conference room style presentation. Usually in a conference room presentation printed slides with lots of detail are more adequate. You can talk your audience through the printed sheet.

Prezi is zooming sketches on a digital paper. You can jump and zoom in and out.

In Prezi, your presentation is one, very large canvas, and you tell your story by panning around it and zooming in and out. In Prezi, the way you communicate details without overwhelming your audience is by making the details small, zooming in to view them as necessary, and then zooming back out to see the big picture.

You can see an example below. You can also watch a 3 minute getting started video of Prezi. You can try it for free. You can develop it online, show it online or download it. Will have to try it and will let you know. What do you think is it worth a try?

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