E-Book Reader Review

This is an excellent but very fast review of e-readers. Myself, I have two e-readers. The first one was an Iliad e-reader with wifi. Bought it with a newspaper subscription. It reads very easy, even in sunlight. The wifi is hard to use. Downloading the newspaper in foreign countries seldom succeeded. Mostly had to plug the e reader into the router of the hotel.

In general file format is a big issue. Not all file formats are supported by all e readers. My other e reader is a Kindle. Also easy to use. The international edition can be used to search and buy books from Amazon via 3G. Other Internet options as promised by Amazon only function on the US version of the kindle. Your not able to read RSS feeds or visit other websites with the international edition. File formats is also a problem with the kindle, it only supports the amazon file format. Will soon be trying the iPad, will let you know.

Techland gadget critic Doug Aamoth looks at how the e-book wars are in full swing, with Barnes & Noble dumping the price of its 3G-enabled Nook. So now that there are all these relatively affordable options, which one’s the best choice?