A Widow Paints A Health Care Protest

The mural tells the story of a horrible day back in the spring. Fred was being transferred to a new hospital and Regina needed records of Fred’s many tests and treatments from the old hospital.

“I had gone down to medical records,” Holliday says, “and they said, ‘That’ll be 73 cents a page and a 21-day wait.’ I said, ‘My husband is upstairs with Stage IV kidney cancer in your hospital and you’re telling me I have to wait 21 days? Everything’s on the computer. All you got to do is print it out and you’re going to make me wait 21 days?’ And they’re like, ‘Yeah, that’s just the way it is.’ I was floored.”

But there is more, to her it was a wonderful therapy and relief to get to paint. While painting discussions with passers by ensued, Regina’s mural got more political, more about health care reform.

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