PubMed in a Web2.0 dress, Gopubmed.

Most scientist know PubMed. It is a powerfull search engine for scientific literature. It is a bit dull, not so very geeky. In comes Gopubmed. It has the power of PubMed and then some more. It has some nice graphic as well as usability improvements compared to the original PubMed. The results page is divided into two sections. On the right hand side the latest 1000 PubMed citations that match your search term. But the fun is on the top of the right side:

If you click the “show statistics for these 1000 articles” you get the citations summarized on the basis of a number of variables such as top authors, journals, cities, countries and years. This is pretty nifty if you want to get an idea of who is publishing most in the area, where the publications are coming from and what journals are publishing that kind of content. Some examples of the statistical analyses are shown below. Another cool thing is you can click on names, journal and locations to get those specific citations.

On PsychPlash these add ons are illustrated with graphics from gopubmed.

On the left-hand side :
1. Gopubmed annotates the resulting citations with GO and MeSH terms
2. Content Filters are extremely useful in helping you answer specific questions relating to your initial search query
3. The Document Filters are the same as the citation statistics mentioned in the blockquote above
4. The site has an extensive help function.

Try electroconvulsive therapy. The next picture is the top 20 cities and countries with this search term. Is that The Netherlands on place 6?