22 iPhone Apps for (Med) Nerds

iphone 2.0
The two most important med apps for the new iphone are:

  • Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards: Need some help with your anatomy and physiology class? Check out this slick native app that lets you test yourself on how the knee bone connects to the thigh bone. There’s a neuroscience version, too. (iPhone 2.0, $39.99)
  • ePocrates: This app for drug dosing, interaction and pricing is a boon for doctors. (iPhone 2.0, Free)

iPhone is everywhere on the net and blogosphere,couldn’t resist posting about the new iphone. Yes, Dr Shock has one, already for 6 months although the iphone came available only 2 days ago in The Netherlands. Where is The Netherlands anyway, who cares.

More apps on Wired Science (thanks)

If you know of any apps for the iphone 2.0 for med nerds please let me know.