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Conflict of interest, Dr Shock is one of the editors of this website; It started of with a Dutch version of the website: psychiatrienet. is an open and free site. It is the property of The Journal of Psychiatry Foundation, an independent organization which generates revenues from subscribers to the journal of the same name. It also receives annual contributions from several Dutch national mental health care facilities, in exchange for which they may place help wanted notices on its website. The principal editors, consultants, and advisers participate on a personal (and voluntary) basis.
Every topic describes in its “editorial responsibility ” and “CV” how the topic is constructed, and on what (considerations) the selection is based. Conflicts of interest, if any, are noted.

It has a lot of information and links to information about psychiatric disorders, according to the DSM-IV classification,treatment of psychiatric disorders e.g. ECT, it also provides information on specific areas of interest, such as EBM and residency, as well as general information and news about psychiatry. Go check it out, objective valuable information.
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