Psychiatric Symptoms in Video Clips

This is a movie used for the presentation of symptoms of Schizophrenia in some medical schools. I also use a lot of fragments from Hollywood movies to teach psychiatric symptoms and diseases to medical students. Since recent there’s Symptom Media. It’s a non-profit organization created in the spring of 2009 for the creation and distribution of specialized video content. The videos are all about psychiatric and psychological phenomena.

The clips were made by a film producer Matt Rubin and Dr. Donald Fidler, a psychiatrist and professor of West Virginia University. They already produced about 25 small segment films found streaming on their website.

The intention of these clips are to be used in the classroom setting as visual compliments to the written description of symptoms for psychological phenomena found in the DSM handbook. Some are exaggerated to convey the symptoms of a particular phenomena. In the future, we will also have series, short films and short documentaries to be unveiled. We are currently doing market research and wanted to poll you and your readers – educators and professionals – to see if there would be interest in purchasing a yearly subscription reminiscent of Netflix.

The clips are very good, and in English. Check them out and let us know what you think.