ScienceBlogs in bad weather

ScienceBlogs is a collection of blog covering topics such as Life Science, Medicine, Politics to name just a few. I read these blogs often, do have a lot of them in my RSS Feed reader and in my blogroll. In short very well written blogs with great impact on the blogosphere and other media.

On july 6th, ScienceBlogs launched Food Frontiers, a blog sponsored by PepsiCo. They’ve received a lot of criticism about it as explained in a recent blogpost: Transparency regarding Food Frontiers by Evan Lerner the editor of ScienceBlogs .
It’s the announcement of the correction of the profile on the left of the Food Frontiers blog:

This blog is sponsored by PepsiCo. All editorial content is written by PepsiCo’s scientists or scientists invited by PepsiCo and/or ScienceBlogs. All posts carry a byline above the fold indicating the scientist’s affiliation and conflicts of interest.

Nevertheless, this sponsorship has already resulted in a blogger for ScienceBlogs leaving. And others considering it.

So my decision is made. I’m closing up around here. I’m in the process of working out exactly where I’m going to go. With any luck, Seed will leave this blog here long enough for me to post an update with the new location. But I’m through with Seed and ScienceBlogs.

Others are considering to leave ScienceBlogs as well: Pepsigeddon claims Good Math, Bad Math. Even Newspapers write about this problem for ScienceBlogs: ScienceBlogs, we have a problem.
Read their collection of comments from some bloggers on ScienceBlogs and you’ll get the feel of the outrage taking place after this obscure decision.

What do you think?