Scientia Pro Publica #14 is up at Genetic Inference

Scientia Pro Publica

This blog carnival collects together the best non-technical science writing that has appeared around the blogosphere in the last few months, to promote and celebrate science, nature or medicine blogs written for the public.

In this edition, we have a glut of posts related to climate change, and an equally large group of posts about the interaction of science and society. Along the way, we will also cover some basic science posts from physics and biology.

I especially liked:

What is global warming at Mama Joules, an easy to read, well documented, and clear explanation of global warming and it’s consequences.

Why I should be glad I’m not an astronaut on Fourier analyst, a Dutch blogger. She always wanted to become an astronaut but in this posts she explains the bad parts of being an astronaut: bloating, space-sickness, sleeping disorders, and a host of other maladies, to name just a view of which you can read on her blog.