How To Switch from One to the Other Antidepressant


Depressed patients often do not respond to there first antidepressant or have to quit the antidepressant due to side effects. Switching to another antidepressant is often a solution. Nevertheless switching from one to the other depressant can be difficult. How do you switch, which taper scheme and which built up scheme do you use. How is this influenced by the cytochrome P450 system?

Since recent there’s a table on a website with most, if not all possible switches from one to the other antidepressant: It’s a Wiki made by Drs. Walter Broekema, a pharmacist in a large psychiatric hospital in The Netherlands and Dr. P.N. van Harten, a psychiatrist and chief editor of the Dutch and Flemish Journal of Psychiatry and This site was recently discussed on this blog.

Each switching scheme is accompanied with links to Medscape, PubChem, and Wikipedia for more information.

There’s also a table for switching from one to the other antipsychotic on:

switch table antidepressants